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Photo Gallery | LeRoy's Fried Chicken in $20

ATLANTA – It has, only, been open for about four weeks but LeRoy’s Fried Chicken Stand is creating, quite, a buzz around the Westside-Howell Mill neighborhood. The store front is red and white and reminiscent of an old county snack bar.

Owner Julia LeRoy takes pride in her poultry; she’s been cooking it for about ten years. Her inspiration to open LeRoy’s came from her disdain with the way chicken is handled in the states; she’s raises chickens at her Clarkston home. It was very important for her to open a business she could ethically stand behind, so she only serves hormone and antibiotic free chicken at her stand.

LeRoy hopes to expand her menu to include “desserts and chicken noodle soup, for the winter” but it’s too early to tell exactly when she will.

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LeRoy recommends the 2 piece Fried Chicken to start. Every menu item is served a la carte, unless it’s listed on the specials chalk board. LeRoy’s 2 piece is typically composed of a chicken breast and a leg, thigh or wing. According to LeRoy, the chicken is brined, then breaded and they then “fry it up” in a pressure fryer. A LeRoy’s 2 Piece Fried Chicken costs $5.95.


She, then, recommends the Collard Greens, as an accompaniment. According to LeRoy, “some people say these are the best collards they’ve ever tasted”; she says she wanted to re-create staples in southern cuisine with Asian spices. The collards are described as “sweet and spicy” and the spices play off of each other, creating an Asian flavor profile. The collard greens cost about $2.95.


LeRoy also suggests her Mac & Cheese. The Mac & Cheese is made to order; she makes a cheddar cheese sauce, every morning, along with macaroni noodles. When guests order the dish, she combines the ingredients and sprinkles breadcrumbs atop the dish. Mac & Cheese costs $2.95.


She also recommends the French Fries, which are fried in organic lard. LeRoy fries her fries in lard because of its nutritional content. According to LeRoy, “Lard and other animal fats contain nutrients that help the body absorb vitamins A and D; and she also thinks it has more flavor”. One serving of French fries feeds about 4-6 people and they, only, cost $2.95.


You can’t leave the restaurant without a “hot buttered biscuit”. LeRoy’s home-style biscuits are made with butter and they are large, flakey and big. In our opinion, the biscuits can stand alone; they’re just like the ones your Grandmother would make. Each biscuit costs 75 cents.


The restaurant serves Red Rock Ginger Ale, which is a soft drink company founded in Atlanta. This company rolled out ginger ale is their first beverage in the late 1800’s. The beverage is still locally bottled but, now, it is sold at different locations across the United States. The coke costs $2.50.