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Photo Gallery | Anne and Bill's Restaurant in $20

ATLANTA – The foyer of Anne and Bills Restaurant is decorated with photos of family members, guests and celebrities; it’s reminiscent of a family living room, which isn’t far off because the restaurant makes you feel “right at home”.

The restaurant, which opened in 1974 is located on Main Street in downtown Forest Park; this is its fourth location. Owner Kathy Chafin says her father started the restaurant on Old Dixie Highway, moved to Jonesboro Road and then Forest Parkway.

Anne and Bills Restaurant is named for Chafin’s mother and father; and even at 88-years-old, her father still works in the restaurant, every day.

“I think this restaurant keeps him going”, says Chafin. She says he still goes to the Farmer’s Market to pick up food and supplies for the restaurant. Chafin started working in the restaurant in 1981, only a couple of years after long-time servers Liz and AJ who have been working in the restaurant since 1975 and 1977, respectively.

The restaurant is truly a family business. Along with Chafin’s father, Bill, who is the original owner, her sister and niece work in the restaurant. She thinks the restaurant’s “southern hospitality” keeps guests coming back, in addition to them having the “best fried chicken in town”.

Anne and Bill’s save the frills, instead opting for a very unique décor. They rent out space on the walls to local business to place ads and they feature non-profit advertisements for free. According to Chafin, the restaurant gets much of their business from many local businessmen and politicians.

Over the years, Chafin says the restaurant has experienced a decline in business because many of their two-a-day clients have either died or been sent to nursing homes; however, they’ve maintained a steady flow of loyal clientele.

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Chafin suggests the Fried Chicken Plate with green beans and potato salad. Restaurant staff described the chicken as being “just like your grandmother made it”. The plate is comprised of a bone-in Chicken breast that has been brined, breaded and fried. The chicken breast is served with local green beans that have been flavored with pork and a southern style potato salad made with red potatoes. This plate costs $7.50 and is available, every day.


She also recommends their Meatloaf Plate with fried okra and creamed corn. The Meatloaf is made with ground beef and topped with a home-style tomato sauce; it is served with sweet, white, creamed corn and homemade, hand-battered fried okra. Chafin says “Everyone orders our Meatloaf like this”.  The meatloaf costs $7.50 and is only available on Tuesdays.


For dessert, Chafin recommends their Homemade Ice Cream; the ice cream isn’t crafted in a churn but it is made from natural ingredients, daily. The restaurant features a plethora of flavors, including: vanilla, chocolate, peach, strawberry and Tutti Fruitti. She recommends the peach flavor. It costs $2.00 and is served al a mode.


She also suggests the restaurants home-style Peach Cobbler. The cobbler is a restaurant favorite; it’s full of peaches and topped with a flakey crust. The cobber is made in-house, daily, and it costs $1.75.


And to top everything off, Chafin suggests ordering an Iced Tea to complete every meal. She says their iced tea is “very southern” and it’s made in a brew machine to ensure the “same brew, every time”. The restaurant serves their iced tea, by the glass, for $1.75.

Anne and Bill’s Restaurant offers all of these items daily, starting at 5:30 a.m. on Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. on Saturdays and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday.