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Photo Gallery | Smashburger in $20

ATLANTA – The new create-your-own concept restaurant, Smashburger, is now open on Sidney Marcus and they’re working to become a mainstay on the Atlanta pseudo fast-food restaurant scene.

The restaurant, which has been around for about three years, was founded by a “group of guys” in Denver who sold their McDonald’s franchise to open their first restaurant. Smashburger plans on opening 28 restaurants in the Atlanta metro area during the next year and according to Chris Sweigart, WXIA’s manager of Digital Content, “the restaurant gives Five Guys a run for their money”.

Smashburger prides itself on having an average wait time of five to seven minutes. And according to General Manager Pam Wolfe and Assistant Manager Anthony Monroe, the taste isn’t compromised because of it. The restaurant is known for their city-by-city signature items and it employs a corporate chef who develops the items for each city.  

The restaurant uses the catchphrase, “Smash, sizzle and savor” and, according to them, menu items embody each characteristic.  

Every Tuesday, the Where U Live team chooses a Metro Atlanta restaurant and with the restaurant's help, shows you how you can sample the menu without spending too much.


The restaurant suggests that you begin each meal with a Haagen-Dazs Georgia Peach milkshake. The milkshake is crafted with Haagen-Dazs ice cream and blended with a peach flavored base. The mixture is then combined and topped with bits of pie crust and whipped cream. The milkshakes cost about $4.00


Wolfe and Monroe recommend the Atlanta Smashburger as a main course. The burger is composed of one “smash” patty made of 100% certified Angus beef and topped with pimento cheese, a signature peach BBQ sauce, grilled jalapeno peppers and a house-made Vidalia onion slaw. This Smashburger will set up back about $6.00.


They also recommend the Atlanta Dog. A hot dog is pan-seared and topped with pimento cheese, grilled jalapeno peppers and their house-made Vidalia coleslaw. The hot dog is served on a sesame seed hot dog bun. And don’t worry, you won’t break the bank with this purchase, it’ll, only, cost you about $4.00.


You can’t leave Smashburger without trying their signature “Smashfries”. Smashfries are very similar to classic French fries, however, they’re tossed in a bath of rosemary, olive oil and garlic; giving them a unique flavor. Smashfries only cost about $2.00.


Lastly, the restaurant recommends their signature fried pickles. The pickles are tossed in a “zesty flour and seasoning” and flash fried to “perfection”. Pickles are served with a Texas Peddle dipping sauce, which is the restaurants signature mayo based tangy sauce. The pickles only cost about $2.00.